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Hi, I’m Tim Robinson.

As a passionate Northlander, I want to be the enabler of success in our district, for individuals, community organisations, and businesses.

As an experienced trustee & company director, having spent over 30 years in the corporate ICT sector whilst owning  and operating small businesses, I’ve decided that the time is right for me to put my actions where my words have been, and make a difference for the region that I love, and the region that I want to be the place of choice for my children & grandchildren. 

Along with my wife Sandy, we proudly own Bernina Northland, a thriving retail and community hub in the CBD, where creativity is unleashed and inspirations are discovered.  I understand the challenges and roadblocks that small businesses face on a daily basis, and I want to get on the solution side of those challenges!  As the slogan says, I love it here, and I want to make it even better.

I have proven governance experience, having been on the board of the Northland Chamber of Commerce where I have served for over 15 years including a term as President, providing effective governance for the Chamber’s strategic activities.

I’ve also served as a past board chair at WBHS where I oversaw greatly improved student achievement, consistently high rolls and the sign-off of a $50m+ school rebuilding project.

I’m committed to working to achieve:

  • Be fully engaged in the aspirations of the business sector and the wider community

  • Build strong and positive relationships with stakeholders

  • Bring objective and well-informed debate to important issues

  • Focus on fair and equitable policy-making and principles of good governance

But I can’t do this on my own.  I’d love you to join me on this journey.  You can help me by sharing your stories and experiences of living, working and playing in Northland, and, more importantly, your aspirations for our district going forward.